Change warframe view?

Something doesn't feel right when you're playing? You can change your warframe view from left to right by pressing 'H' in game. Try it, see what is more comfortable.


Where is the Best place to rank up a Warframe?

Suggestion: Elara (Jupiter) Alternatives: Any Defence Mission Any Survival Mission Any Mission. This is a case of personal preference, I suppose. My general view on leveling Warframes is to just put the basic health, shield and sometimes armour mods on and play any mission going. But in general, I find that defence or survival missions … Continue reading Where is the Best place to rank up a Warframe?

What is Warframe?

Warframe 101 has compiled the ultimate answer to the sometimes asked question, what is warframe? 1.) What is warframe all about? To some Warframe is  an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, it's a Third-Person-Space-Ninja-Social-RPG-Shooter-Looter. Warframe itself is a vast game with content that ranges from shooting-looting to codex collecting and even fighting with Archwings. The … Continue reading What is Warframe?