Polymer Bundle

Find these;

target-icon-4  Survival
planet-icon-88909 Uranus (Ophelia)

Polymer bundles drop regularly here, 1000-2000 in 10-15 minutes. Polymer Bundle is a common component that can be found on Mercury, Venus and Uranus. It is usually found in quantities of 40 to 80.

Player comments:

“Titan extractor… Afk 3 day… Welcome 10k polymer”

“I do the survival in uranus with a nekros [used him to farm for nekros prime too], getting up to 1500+ in just 10 minutes and almost 3k in 20 minutes”

“If you wise to farm the polymer bundles solo, get a Hydroid with the pilfering swarm augment. Find a room with a couple of entrances in Assur and let your 4 ability run for its duration. If you’re finding ourself lacking in energy, bring some energy restores.Stay in the map for 5 minutes, because that’s when ancients will start spawning. Yields about 1k~2k polymer bundle per run.”

My Experiences:

From my experience, it doesn’t matter what frames you take as long as you kill plenty of enemies in a confined area for easy pickup. I take vacuum mod for my sentinal too. We ran a Nidus and trinity combo, with no special tactics in mind and came out with 1200 after 9 minutes.





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