Is my Arch Wing affected by Warframe Mods?

It’s a question we have all asked ourselves when jumping into our Arch Wings for a mission in space. Just how much of our warframe’s stats do carry over.

A while back it had been confirmed that the ONLY mods that work in combination with Archwing are the survivability mods. Nothing else, from what I am able to read on the patch notes; Armor, Health, and Shields are the only mods that transfer over from warframe to Archwing so far. Thief’s wit will not work while Auras will work. Keep this in mind.

Thief’s Wit sometimes worked for me (more often when I was host, less often as client) in 15.0.4. Haven’t had a chance to test since last 2 hotfixes.

Loot detector Aura is kinda useless for archwing, by the time the mods show up on radar or glow ur pretty much right beside them and have most likely spotted them visually anyway (I’ve been running aura + thiefs wit for a few missions or so to test but I dont think thiefs wit works.)


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