Orokin Cells

Where to get Orokin Cells

target-icon-4 Survival
planet-icon-88909 Ceres (Draco)

Doing 20 minutes on Draco can net 5-6 orokin cells, without resource boosters. it’s also great for leveling up warframes and finding circuts.

target-icon-4 General Sargas Ruk
planet-icon-88909 Saturn (Tethys)

Simple and slow method but pretty well established:

The Assasination on Saturn – General Sargas Ruk (this has been a long established a proven method. slow but sure.)

He usually drops an Orokin Cell 1 out of 2 times at least. The cells also spawn in containers, but don’t spent too much time searching every one. Enemies may also drop Orokin Cells here, but not entirely sure. It takes about 5 mins at most to run this assasination with a group of 4.

Want more? Over-Kill Orokin Farm.

Every so often DE does double credit/double resource weekends. These bonuses stack with store bought bonuses.

So if you combine the three resource boosters you get x2 drops, x2 drops +100% drop chance for a lovely x8 drop rate. Now get a team which has a Pilfering Hydroid (+1 additional drop chance) and Nekros (+90% chance of additional drop). Go nuts on a non-infested survival mission with 4 players (increases spawns) during this one weekend and never worry about these drops again.

Don’t fight infested for drops as I understand the common infested are limited to common resources only. Other common faction mobs can drop all resources. It is to balance the huge number of infested spawned.

Myself and a mate did this last bonus weekend and we didn’t even play all that much but are still sitting on several hundred Orokin cells and about 100+ of other rare resources.


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