Prerequisites: Complete The War Within quest. 

target-icon-4 Kuva Extraction missions
planet-icon-88909 Any planet close to the Kuva Fortress

Kuva, is a rare resource. It is also rumored to drop on the Kuva Fortress map, but i have yet to find much of note from playing those maps. In addition to its use as a crafting material, Kuva is used to randomize Riven Mods.

How to get Kuva.

Look for the Kuva Fortress on your map (after completing The War Within quest). Navigate to the planets closest to it and look for the Kuva icon.

Play the mission as normal until you get a hint from a familiar face (from The War Within). The Kuva Guardians will appear.

  1. Find the Kuva Siphon. Ignore the Kuva Guardians unless you are in a group. You will remember how to take them out. Here’s a clue, press 5.
  2. I repeat, find the Kuva Siphon.
  3. Found it? Good. Stay near it.
  4. It will make a screaming kind of noise when the black cloud of Kuva is approaching it. Press ‘5’ to leave your Warframe. Get your sights on the cloud and use your void jump/dash skill. If you did it right you will see your counter go up from 0/4 to 1/4. Yup, you will want to do it successfully 4 times for max Kuva.
  5. You will notice that the Kuva Siphon also has a small amount of black smoke coming from it when it sounds, this is your directional hint. It’s pointing.


Successfully destroying one Kuva Siphon will grant around 550-700 Kuva. Each time you miss, a red diamond will fill on the left of your HUD. Once they’re all filled, the Siphon will go.


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