You don’t need to look anywhere else, find out how to get Nidus and get him fast. Warframe will never be the same again.

1. Nidus Blueprint

Complete the quest, The Glast Gambit.

2. Nidus Parts (Systems, Chassis, Neuroptics)

To get the Nidus parts you will have to do a bit of grinding.

target-icon-4 Infested Salvage
planet-icon-88909 Eris

Farm the infested salvage mission, on Eris – Nidus parts drop on rotation C, and that turns out to be the fourth reward if it’s going to happen. If successful you might be rewarded one part, either Nidus Systems, Nidus Chassis or Nidus Neuroptics. Rinse and repeat. Your grind doesn’t end here.

What is an Infested Salvage? You might be asking.

It’s easy. There’s 3 Consoles.

You must collect Antiserum Injectors,  (cube-shaped, blue glowing containers) dropped by Infested enemies. These injectors can be deposited into Vaporizer units located near the consoles.

A glowing vaporizer bubble will expand outward from the unit. The bubble’s size expands the more Antiserum Injectors are deposited into the Vaporizer unit.

It’s your job to keep all three consoles healthy with a nice big bubble until the timer runs out and the round is over.


Being outside of a ‘safe bubble’ will corrode your armor and eventually hurt your health. You can pick up the green orbs from the infested too. These can be used on a console in the middle of the room that fixes your armor. I never bother, but you can.

you’re almost there.

3. Gather the Kuva

That’s right. Nidus requires Kuva to build. For now, though you could get the parts cooking. To build Nidus you will need around 2,000 Kuva. Read Warframe101’s guide to getting the Kuva.


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