What warframe do I start with?

4.) Which warframe should I start with?

This might be the first question that you would ask during the beginning of warframe, out of the three warframes which one should I choose? When picking a warframe you do not need to worry you can still get all three of them and more. Thus picking anyone of them would not disadvantage you at all and so your main focus when picking a frame should be your playstyle.


Excalibur: The first warframe and poster boy for warframe. Melee oriented warframe.


Excalibur is a warframe that can be considered a jack of all trades, not being particularly bad at anything or good either. In the start of warframe, he is one of the most used warframes and his powers boast strength and aid in melee combat.

His four skills are:

Slash Dash: Unlocked at the start, this skill propels Excalibur forward and damaging all enemies in his path.

Radial Blind: Unlocked when Excalibur is level 3, blinds all nearby targets.

Super Jump: Unlocked when Excalibur is level 5, launches Excalibur into the air and he becomes invisible.

Radial Javelin: Unlocked when Excalibur is level 10, launches ethereal Swords in all direction and killing foes.


Mag: The first female warframe you would come across, she is a range focused frame.

Mag is frame that excels in ranged and at times close combat. Given how her commendable survivability as well as versatile skill, she is well suited for a flexible playstyle with guns and swords.

Her four Skills are:

Pull: Unlocked at the start, pulls nearby enemies towards Mag as well as damage them.

Shield Polarize: Unlocked when Mag is level 3, recharges Mag and her allies shields while nearby damaging enemies.

Bullet Attractor: Unlocked when Mag is level 5, projectiles are attracted towards an enemy and upon death there is an explosion.

Crush: Unlocked when Mag is level 10, lifts up all nearby enemies and kills enemy by crushing them.

Volt: The spell caster warframe. Although not the speediest, he has gotta go fast!


Volt’s level of survivability isn’t very encouraging, but his skills are extremely powerful and deadly. If used right he can effectively deal with large hordes of enemies as well as support his team mates.

His four skills are:

Shock: Unlocked at the start, a surge of electricity kills his enemies and jumps to nearby enemies as well.

Speed: Unlocked when Volt is level 3, grants volt and his allies a short burst of immense speed!

Electric Shield: Unlocked when Volt is level 5, Places a shield that protects volt and his allies and increases their damage when shot through it.

Overload: Unlocked when Volt is level 10, Volt enters a “Jesus pose” and rains lightning to all nearby foes.

you can obtain all of these warframes and many, many more once you actually start playing – so if you make the wrong choice, don’t panic!


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