What is Warframe?

Warframe 101 has compiled the ultimate answer to the sometimes asked question, what is warframe?

1.) What is warframe all about?

To some Warframe is  an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, it’s a Third-Person-Space-Ninja-Social-RPG-Shooter-Looter. Warframe itself is a vast game with content that ranges from shooting-looting to codex collecting and even fighting with Archwings. The community would love to welcome any new players into our Tenno Family, just make sure you are ready for surprises!


2.) What Do I do in Warframe?

Within Warframe you play as a Tenno, a group of mythical warriors who are masters of the guns, blade and warframes. We are guided by the Lotus to bring about balance and order within the Origin System (Solar system). We are also hard working part time farmers as we try to make a living and craft the newest and most cutting edge weapons to get stronger!

On a more serious note, as a Tenno, you would work to bring about balance, become stronger and uncover the secrets that the universe holds.


3.) What is a warframe?

As Tenno who are masters of warframes, you may ask what is a warframe? A warframe is a cutting edge mechanical Exo-Skeleton, built with special abilities that allow the user to wield tremendous power. These exo-skeleton’s are also vital to a Tenno’s operation and survival, without it, they would be easily overpowered by their enemies.

This is an example of a warframe, this is Excalibur Prime. This is the ceremonial variant of the original Excalibur, only available to founders of warframe.


The lore behind Excalibur is that it is a Warframe birthed from the humans suffering after being exposed to the void, a mysterious place where both science and logic could not comprehend. The construction of Excalibur was also an attempt to turn the tides of a losing war and it is considered the first Warframe to be born, paving a way for a new generation of warriors.


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