Warframe Glossary/Lingo

It’s been a while since Warframe became available to players. In a game so community driven, specific lingo and slang eventually arises. I’m trying to compile a list of stuff that any new player should be informed of. Acronyms, references, unusual names the community calls stuff in Warframe that could make any new player scratch their head.

EDIT: Thanks for all the responses guys. Keep them coming and I’ll keep adding them. This is now in the faq! Cool!

General online gaming terms

  • Mob – Generally any enemy, short for mobile, as in mobile entity.
  • CC – crowd control, weapons/abilities that help disable one enemy or a group of enemies.
  • AOE – area of effect, any skill or weapon that affects a area instead of a single target.
  • DPS – damage per second, it’s a very general term in online games. Plenty of players also say Damage instead. They do not mean the same thing, but what is meant is usually clear in context.
  • Farm, farming – Doing a specific mission with one objective. Like doing a endless defense over and over for a specific material you need.General but Warframe specific
    • Potato – Refers to a reactor or catalyst, because of the shape of the icon.
    • God-tier – Weapons/frames/items that are considered the best in the game at the time the statement is made. This usually means the highest amount of damage output.
    • MR – Mastery rank, the account level.
    • QoL – quality of life, refers to the utility of certain mods/weapons like reload time, ammo, punch through, health etc.
    • LS – life support, extends the time available in survival missions.
    • wp – Waypoint. You can mark a spot with a waypoint by pressing G. If used on a module, the text on the waypoint will say module instead.
    • FC or R5, etc – Fusion Core, Tenno also identify cores by rank, R5 is a Rank 5 rare fusion core.
    • O cells, cells – Orokin cells, used to make frames, potatoes, etc. Sometimes called “mini potatoes” due to their shape. Some Tenno also call them raw potatoes.
    • Red crits – A rare critical, that does even more damage than a normal one, represented in red numbers, usually found on weapons with high native critical chance. Stealth attacks also get a pseudo-crit effect, which can lead to similar damage.
    • Proc – When a weapon triggers it’s status, and applies the damage of the elemental or the combination of elements to a mob.
    • Pod – refers to the defense objective, even when it isn’t a life support pod.
    • Parkour room/vaults – Rooms in void missions with complex methods of entry. A player is required to expertly navigate a hazard course to enter and find a large number of storage containers which have a higher chance of spawning rare mods.
    • G3/Stalker/Zanuka on me – Refers to the special enemy Gustag 3(Grineer), Stalker(Tenno) or Zanuka(Corpus). Players will usually inform the rest of the team that they are the target to give everyone time to prepare for the attack.


      • AMD – Antimatter drop, Nova’s 2nd ability. Stores damage taken from Tenno and can be steered to provide a high damage AOE nuke.
      • MP – molecular prime, Nova’s ultimate, also called 4, or press 4 to win.
      • Speed nova – A Nova user that has negative power strength that speeds up affected enemies with MPrime rather than slow them down. This seems counter productive at first, but when combined with a vauban (for his vortex), speeds up waves in defense missions.
      • Loot Nekros/Desekros – Nekros traited for max power range and efficiency, usually wanted for T4S to spam Desecrate to provide extra LS.
      • Disarm Loki – Any Loki with maxed range and efficiency, spamming Radial Disarm. This sometimes literally disarms enemies. Players use the same concept for invisLoki, as in, Loki modded for max invisibility.
      • HoM – Mirage’s 1st skill, Hall of Mirrors, one of her two damage amplification powers.
      • WOF – World On Fire, Ember’s ultimate
      • Ult/Ultimate – A Warfame’s 4th ability
      • Elite – A Warframe’s 3rd ability. This term isn’t used much anymore but can be confusing when people use it interchangeably with “ult”, which is incorrect usage.

      Player behavior

      • Hallway hero – player who runs away from the defense point out of xp sharing range and skews mob spawn rates.
      • Taxi, or taxiing – When a Tenno is taken to a mission that he does not have unlocked (completed) yet. Previously this gave the mission unlock to the player getting the taxi, it is no longer the case.
      • Coptering – Doing a sprinting jump kick immediately followed by an attack. Several weapon categories will make you go very fast when doing this.

        Maps/mission types

        • Star Chart – The planets such as earth, saturn, etc, you can access through navigation. Does not include Orokin Derelict or Void missions despite them being in the console.
        • Endless Missions – Any mission in which you can continue to fight forever and continue to gather rewards. These are Survival, Defense (not mobile defense), Interception, and Excavation.
        • Sechura – The Dark Sector defense mission on Pluto, former XP farm but still the favorite credit farm. People usually run the first 5 waves over and over again.
        • Void Missions – Missions which take place in the towers of the void using Tower 1 through 4 keys of various gametypes.
        • OD – Missions which take place in the Orokin Derelict, OD keys require Nav Coordinates to craft and ODA (Assassination) keys require Golem Nav Coordinates. These have mission types like all the star chart ones, defense, extermination, etc. The first letter of the gametype is used to shorten the name of the key into an acronym, so you get ODD, ODE, etc.

          You may see mentions of Viver, Rep, or Standing farm. These refer to grinding Viver, Eris for affinity and syndicate standing points (often interchangeable with reputation).

        Often seen in Trading Chat

        • WTT/WTS/WTB – Want to Trade, sell, buy.
        • <number>p – <number> Platinum

          e.g. WTS – Fang Prime set 80p – Want to Sell Fang Prime set for 80 Platinum

        • P – Prime
        • Set – All pieces needed (minus untradable resources) to assemble an item. Usually 3 components plus a main blueprint, there’s some exceptions to this.
        • BG/GC/Cryo – Breeding Grounds/Gate Crash/Cryotic Front special event mods/set.
        • HC – Heavy caliber, rare rifle mod that increases damage at the cost of accuracy.

          Often Seen in Recruiting Chat

          • H – Hosting
          • LF – Looking For. Also LF1M or LF2M means “Looking for one more” or “Looking for two more” respectively.
          • T<1-4><D/S/MD/E/I/A> – Tower (void), sometimes called tier <1-4> <Defense/Survival/Mobile Defense/Extermination/Interception/Sabotage/Assassination> etc.

            e.g. LF T2-3D – Looking For Tower tier 2 Defense or Tower tier 3 Defense

          • OD<D/S/MD/E/I> – Orokin Derelict <See above for letter references>

            e.g. LF ODS – Looking For Orokin Derelict Survival

          • Vault Run – Doing (usually) an Orokin Derelict Exterminate/Capture mission with 4 people, each of whom have a special key. One of these keys will unlock a vault inside the Derelict, giving access to what is know as a Corrupt Mod. These can only be found in vaults.
          • Ext/Dec/Bleeding/Hob – Extinguished/Decaying/Bleeding/Hobbled Key

            e.g. H Vault Run need Ext and Hob – Hosting Vault Run, Need Extinguished Key and Hobbled Key


            • Grate prime – A reference to a weaponized Grate created as an April Fools joke. More details in the wiki.
            • Greedy Milk – Gen.Sargas Ruk said this a lot during the Gradivus Dilemma event when referring to the corpus. It stuck with the community. More details on the wiki.
            • SaladV – Fan name for Alad V, boss of Jupiter. Practically the only source of neural sensors.
            • Clem – A Friendly grineer who wants to be a Tenno. The name Clem comes from the fact that Grineer tend to yell something like GET THEM, but sounds like GET CLEM, or GET CLEMMED.
            • ITG – It’s the grineer, you’ll get this a lot from the Lotus.
            • Combat Formation Bravo – There was a time when the grineer spoke english, one of their shout outs was to call for Combat Formation Bravo… Never worked very well against the Tenno tho. The linked comic is from Yukami. In the same vein there’s a few more sentences the grineer said at the time that stuck with the community. Namely, Stay close to the walls! (and they never did, which made it funny), and, Leave my mother out of this!, said at random, which got chuckles out of any Tenno that heard it.
            • Booben or Uncle Booben, also trollban – Vauban. Trollban is used in reference to the liberal use of bounce pads some players seem to have.
            • Excalibro – Refers to Excalibur.
            • Chicken or Chicken Frame – Ember, it’s all in the legs.
            • Gotta go fast – A reference to Sonic, used when speaking about Volt, because of his speed skill.
            • RNG, RNGesus – RNG is a game term that is an acronym for “random number generator”. Warframe depends on RNG for a lot of the loot available. Players tend to attribute getting what they want or not from RNG to a deity of the RNG as a joke, hence RNGesus.
            • Birdlifters – Slang for Archwing because of DE Rebecca’s joke. “What do you get when you put Noah’s boat and birdlifters together?” Answer is Ark-wing.
            • Nano spores – We joke about them sometimes because everyone has a ridiculous amount (especially those of us that farmed Xini when that was a thing) and they aren’t very useful to build anything.

            credits: Voooosh “Warframe Acronyms, lingo, and community specifics that are helpful to know.” (reddit)


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